Future Hub is owned and operated by Achieving for Children, which is a community interest company created by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to provide their children’s services.

Both local authorities are registered as a ‘data controller’ under the Data Protection Act 1998 and are committed to compliance with the Act. This notice explains how we use and share personal information which is submitted by you when signing up to Future Hub.

What information do we need about you?

  • Basic personal information
  • First name(s) and surnames
  • Email address

We keep this information to identify what support you need and to keep in touch with you. Your information is kept on a secure computerised database and we only keep your information for as long as it is needed to offer you support.

This could mean sharing some information about you to:

  • a college to help you get a place
  • the Benefits Agency to help you get support
  • a training provider/employer to help you find training and employment
  • a youth support worker for the help you need

Your youth support worker may use this information to:

  • make sure you are getting the support you need
  • give you information about education and training
  • refer you to other organisations

How do we look after your information?

  • We ensure that you know why it is needed and that it is your choice to give us the information
  • We may share your information with other agencies to help you progress
  • We do not keep it longer than necessary

There are a few situations where we will pass on your information without your consent

  • If you or others are at risk (child protection)
  • If there is a risk or serious harm or a threat to your life or someone else’s
  • If you need medical attention
  • To prevent a serious crime

We will only pass on your information if it helps to support your progress.

Data Protection Act 1998

The information you provide to this website will be owned by Achieving for Children, a community interest company jointly owned by the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.

Both local authorities are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Therefore Future Hub will, in accordance with the Act, collect and share data with other organisations. This will be for the purposes of administration, guidance, referrals, statistics and research

Statistics may be sent to central government bodies and the Department for Education.

You will not be identified individually on any of these statistics.

What are your rights?

If you wish to access your personal data, or that of your child, then please contact the relevant organisation in writing. To contact us please write to:

Risk and Assurance
Strategic Business
Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames
Kingston upon Thames