Bianca Dainty – Easy Safety Cert

Bianca has been running her own business now for 2 years and was a recent entrant in Richmond’s Den. Take a look at her Small Business Showcase in The Guardian here. According to Bianca, lots of research and drive are some important aspects when setting up a business. Let’s see her under the spotlight!

  1. Please tell us a little about your current business/es.
    <a title="www.easysafetycert achat viagra” href=”” target=”_blank”>Easy Safety Cert provides Gas Safe engineers with a software system for creating, sending and storing gas certificates on the go. Engineers can use their iPhone, iPad or Android device to create gas certificates and email them directly to clients.

  3. For how long have you been an entrepreneur and what was your first business that you set up?
    The business launched in March 2013 however we spent a year researching, developing and testing the product.

  5. What qualifications did you gain when leaving formal education?
    I think my Law degree helped in terms of understanding the legal needs of starting up a new business. Also, studying Law required a lot of time management which has been crucial with running my own business. However, I think if you have a drive and passion for your business then you really will learn on the job. And if there’s anything you need help with then don’t be afraid to ask! I’ve found people are really keen to help start ups and young entrepreneurs, there is also a wide range of free support available so make sure you take advantage of anything that can help you and your business.

  7. What specific qualifications and skills do you need to run your current business?
    Drive! And a lot of it. You also need excellent time management skills, as a business owner you’re often managing everything from accounts to marketing to product development.

  9. Why did you decide to be your own boss?
    My father came up with the idea to develop the software, we discussed the idea in detail and both felt there was a gap in the market for the product we wanted to develop. It was a great opportunity that we both wanted to take advantage of.

  11. What do you like about running your own business?
    I like being involved in all elements of the business. You’re not constrained by working in only department’ and that flexibility is something I really like.

  13. What help did you receive when you first started out?
    I joined a Business Bootcamp run by Accelerator London. This was a great 3-day course that gave a real insight into how you start to turn an idea into a business.

  15. How has technology helped enhance your business?
    It’s been the key to my business, without it we wouldn’t have a product. It’s great to see how technology is developing and allowing businesses to run much more efficiently.

  17. What do you think young people can bring to the entrepreneurial table?
    We live in a world where going from A Levels to University isn’t the standard route, instead we have young people with ideas, drive and ambition, and those three characteristics are key for any entrepreneur.

  19. What one piece of advice would you give a young person who has a new business idea?
    Carry out as much research as you can, make sure you have a clear and concise plan on your business idea and where you want it to go. The more market research you do the better your product will be in the end.